Why do Babies Fight Sleep?

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They say that it is a baby’s nature to cry and keep their parents up all night as if some kind of initiation to their new moms and dads. Sleepless nights are part of the early months when your baby is all fussy and wailing in the middle of the night. You wonder when is this going to end, but more importantly, why does it happen anyway? What could be causing this upset that renders your child and you as a parent sleepless?

Aside from it being frustrating not knowing what is causing these episodes you also have to make sure that your baby’s health is not compromised because of lack of rest. Luckily, there are a number of tips to help baby to doze off, although it’s still a good idea to look into why he wasn’t sleeping in the first place.

Causes of baby fighting sleep

Sleep is a very important part of your baby’s health and growth. That is why it can be saddening and worrisome that your baby is fighting it instead of getting full rest.

Your baby is too tired

It happens to everyone, even adults, not getting enough rest and extending your tiresome activities until you get past the window of sleepiness and you start becoming cranky and irritable. You ended up feeling more awake than ever. It can be the same with your baby when they are too tired and end up feeling cranky and agitated.

Your baby is not tired enough

Most times your baby might not be tired enough to go to sleep. Babies have plenty of energy to run around and play while they are still young and you need to spend it to make sure they are tired enough to feel sleepy.


Avoiding stimulants such as TV screens, noisy toys, colorful items, and loud noises will help your baby feel more relaxed and sleepy.

Separation anxiety

Babies always want their mothers because it makes them anxious to be left alone. That is why babies have a hard time sleeping when they are left by their mommies.


Your baby is a growing kid that is why they are constantly hungry and in need of nourishment. Make sure that before you try to lull them to sleep that they are well fed and not hungry so that they will not cry.


Sometimes your baby is not feeling well and may be suffering from discomfort or illness. Make sure your baby gets a regular checkup and if you feel that your baby is fussing around more than usual immediately check with your doctor.

What can you do when your baby fights sleep?

If your baby has a hard time sleeping make sure that their environment is conducive to sleep. Encourage your baby to have a good sleeping pattern by following a routine or the same sleeping time every day. Also, prepare a room where your baby can relax and enjoy a peaceful rest. Try changing your curtains into blackout curtains and avoid placing toys and other noisy items in the room when you are trying to make your baby sleep. Allot a time where you will be with your baby until they fall asleep before leaving them in the room.

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