Ever Heard of Golden Milk? Find Out Why It’s So Good For Sleep & Other Benefits

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Parents usually give their children a warm glass of milk before going to bed. When we were young, we thought it was just a healthy ritual to make us taller or to make us grow faster while we sleep. It turns out a warm glass of milk is to encourage sleepiness and a good slumber. Now as we get older, we find more ways to make this healthy habit even healthier. Let us introduce you to Golden Milk.

What is Golden Milk?

The Golden Milk is a combination of a cup of milk and a spoonful of garlic, ginger, turmeric or cinnamon extracts. It might seem strange but this combination is said to give comfort, healing, and reduce inflammation where present. It is usually taken along or after dinner to better prepare for sleep.

Health Benefits of Golden Milk

There are plenty of health benefits associated with the habitual drinking of golden milk before going to bed. This includes a better immune system, cleansing of body organs, and as well as preventing diseases, even cancer.


Garlic, ginger, turmeric, and cinnamon is known to have powerful antioxidant properties. Antioxidants are essential to the body to help protect your cells and decrease the risk of cell damage, diseases, and infections.

May Help Reduce Inflammation and Joint Disease

The ingredients used in golden milk have one thing in common; it is their strong anti-inflammatory property. Inflammation is present in all chronic diseases such as cardiovascular disease, obesity, metabolic syndrome, and cancer. This is why doctors recommend diets consisting of foods rich in anti-inflammatory components. The golden milk is a great alternative to pharmaceutical medications for inflammation as it has no side effects.

Improve Brain Function and Memory

Curcumin the compound found in the ingredients of golden milk is said to boost brain cell growth. This could help prevent Alzheimer’s disease and Parkinson’s disease. These ingredients will also help improve your memory and brain function.

Improve Mood

In a 6 week study about the mood with the intake of curcumin, it has been observed that it serves the same purpose as with antidepressants. This may be due to the increase of brain-derived neurotrophic factor because of the curcumin.

Protection Against Cardiovascular Disease

As mentioned earlier the ingredients in the golden milk have anti-inflammatory properties that reduce risks from chronic diseases. What is more, the curcumin found in those ingredients is known to enhance the use of blood vessel linings that is essential for a healthy heart function. This reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases and lowers total cholesterol in the body.


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