Top Tips on Handling Your 9-Month Old’s Sleep Regression

Sleep Regression
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Congratulations on being a new parent!

Being a new parent can be pretty awesome and overwhelming at the same time, most especially during the first year in the baby’s life. After trying your best to get used to taking care of the baby and breezing through your routine, here comes the 9th month, sleep regression.

Although not all babies will immediately have difficulties in adjusting to the sleeping cycle shift, this is where most of the development of your baby will start to kick in and will eventually lead things to baby’s sleep regression.

What Factors Come into Play During Sleep Regression?

Two factors come into play why your baby eventually lacks sleep during their 9th month sleep regression: Physical Development and Separation Anxiety.

Your baby increases their activity during this time as they try to learn how to stand by their crib, crawl and even try to climb objects. As these developments occur, so does your baby’s ability to be energetic and would likely stay awake during night time. As parents, it is important to try and monitor your child’s physical activities and guide them through their exploration of climbing, crawling and other physical developments they will acquire.

How to Handle Sleep Regression

Strategically placing playtime to tire them out might be a great way in dealing with their stored energy that wakes them up in the weirdest hours of the day.

Babies practically start recognizing shapes, objects, people, during their 9 months and most likely when your baby does not see or the object in front of them immediately disappears, they will assume that it does not exist anymore. This is also where shrieking, crying and other forms of gestures that they do to manipulate their parents to come running to them immediately.

By gradually playing games such as peek-a-boo where you introduce the concept of slight or temporary detachment may condition them to eventually get used to their mommy or daddy leaving the room for a few seconds and coming back. Never fall into the trap of their cries and shrieks and condition them into waiting it out for 2-4 minutes then come back, until they get used to it.

Separation anxiety is definitely a parent’s big hurdle, but luckily,  there are sleep trainers like white sound machines that can help make everyone’s sleep better.  If you’re looking for a white sound machine, Hatch Baby Rest Sound Machine creates an ideal sleep environment for your baby.

Hatch Baby Rest Sound Machine, Night Light and Time-to-Rise

It’s an easy to use sleep trainer that allows you to choose choose sound and color combinations! It is fully customizable and adjustable as your baby grows older and their needs changes.


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