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If you have shopped for a mattress in a store before, there’s a high possibility that you have encountered a Simmons Beautyrest mattress more than once. As Simmons’ flagship line, the mattresses in this collection have been tried and tested by customers, and their top-notch quality is simply undeniable.

Widely known for their bowling pin commercial, the Beautyrest line has been considered as one of Simmons’ most sought-after mattresses for it’s comfort and durability. Founder Zalmon G. Simmons started his business venture with coil mattresses but as time went on, they have included various models and types that will suit every customer’s preferences.

Looking for a new mattress from the Beautyrest collection? We’ve got your back! We have here our top favorite mattresses with the best over-all firmness, comfort, durability, and affordability! Keep reading, and you’ll definitely find one that suits all of your preferences!

Beautyrest Silver 15” Hybrid Mattress

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as of October 27, 2020 10:48 pm

Memory foam is notorious for overheating but with the Beautyrest Silver 15″ Hybrid  Mattress, you can finally say goodbye to those nights where you wake up soaked in sweat! With its Dual Cool Cover, air flows properly and cools the mattress while removing moisture and heat that comes from your body. For an extra cooling effect, it has columns of pocketed coils and a gel-infused foam that conforms to your body’s natural curves and offers support for your back. If sweaty nights have been a recurring problem, this is the best mattress for you!

Beautyrest Silver 12″ Medium Firm Mattress

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as of October 27, 2020 10:48 pm

Most people would consider the Beautyrest line as high-end, resulting to some customers staying away from these mattresses when in fact, they also offer budget-friendly but high-quality mattresses among their lineup. One of these is the Beautyrest Silver 12″ Medium Firm Mattress. Despite being one of the low-priced models in the collection, you still get all the benefits of a Beautyrest mattress without the hefty price tag! Do you tend to sleep on your side? This mattress has a medium firm foam that conforms to your body as you change positions without losing the comfort. Overheating will not be a problem as well, because its gel memory foam will provide a cooling effect throughout the night. With this mattress, you’ll finally have a good night’s sleep!

Beautyrest Silver 9″ Hybrid Mattress

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as of October 27, 2020 10:48 pm

For excellent durability, the Beautyrest Silver 9″ Hybrid Mattress has impressive structure. The pocketed coils are strong enough to withstand years of use and maintain its shape-conforming quality for every kind of sleeper. Some people advise turning your mattresses for even pressure distribution, but an additional layer of foam beneath the pocketed coils provides enough support to eliminate the need for unnecessary flipping and turning. The edge support of this hybrid mattress prevents foam from sagging, making it possible to sit at the edge of the bed without making any long-term deformity to your mattress! Additionally, this is the best mattress to have if you are sharing your bed with someone else. With an amazing motion isolation feature, light sleepers will never be disturbed in their sleep ever again!

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