What Are the Appropriate Baby Clothes For 70 Degree Room Temperature?

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Like adults, babies also want to sleep comfortably. The kind of sleep parents with small babies would get at night depends on the quality of sleep their babies could have. Oftentimes, mothers are not able to enjoy their nighttime rests as they need to put their babies back to bed from a disturbed sleep.

One of the reasons why babies could not enjoy their bedtime, aside from being hungry or having wet diapers, is the room temperature. It can be too hot or too cold for infants to bear and sometimes, their clothes aren’t helping either. So how should you dress a baby that sleeps in a 70 degree room?

What is the best room temperature for a baby to sleep in?

According to medical experts, infants should sleep in a room with a temperature not lower than 65 degrees and not higher than 72 degrees. As babies spend most of their time sleeping and napping, it is best to have a reliable thermometer inside their rooms.

What could happen if babies sleep in too cold or too warm bedrooms?

Sleep environmental factors can also increase the risks of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) and one of these factors is sleeping in a room that doesn’t have the ideal room temperature for babies. Parents should be aware of this, particularly the case of room overheating, to keep their child’s sleep not only cozy but also safe.

How can I adjust the room temperature?

If the room is too cold, especially during the rainy or winter season, you can switch your lightweight curtains to heavy, lined drapes. You can also install a programmable thermostat to regulate room temperature or let the sunlight in during the day. If you are using a ceiling fan, it is time to switch it into a clockwise direction because a clockwise-spinning fan can push the heat back to your room.

Meanwhile, to avoid overheating, especially during the warm months, change your drapes to blackout curtains so no amount of sunlight can come through. Avoid using incandescent lights in the bedroom as it can easily heat up. You can also let your windows open to allow night air, which is usually colder, inside the room.

How should I dress a baby in a 70-degree room?

A 70-degree room is relatively warm but still suitable for a baby to sleep well, thus, it is advisable for them to wear lightweight clothes. Parents should not overdress their babies and should opt for fewer layers of covering.

It is also best for babies to wear breathable sleep bag sacs like the TILLYOU Cotton Sleeping Bag.

TILLYOU Large L Breathable Cotton Baby Wearable Blanket with 2-Way Zipper, Super Soft Lightweight 2-Pack Sleeveless Sleep Bag Sack Clothes for Boys, Fits Toddlers Age 12-18 Months, Gray Crown

This product uses 100% natural premium cotton which is perfect for infants to wear during warmer weathers. It also has enough room for movements like kicking but can still stay in place, plus there is no risk of overheating as it is sleeveless and lightweight.

Newborn babies or infants usually wear clothes that cover them from their neck to their feet so it is recommended to let them use very lightweight blankets when the weather is warm or replace their usual covers with a stuffed toy that they can safely cuddle. You can also remove blankets or any stuffed materials completely if you are confident that the room’s warmth is already enough.

What kinds of fabric can babies wear to avoid overheating?

When buying baby clothes, parents should also keep in mind the type of fabric. Although most baby brands use fabrics that are suitable for babies, it is still best to be aware of the material that your baby will wear especially during warm seasons.

These are the types of fabric that are suitable during summer:

  • Cotton
  • Jersey Knit
  • Gauze (for blankets)
  • Microfiber
  • Batiste
  • Bamboo Rayon

How can I make a baby sleep successfully in a 70-degree room?

Aside from dressing your baby in breathable clothes, you should also monitor their temperature from time to time so you could know when to reduce layers or sleeping materials from their crib. If you notice that your baby is flushed, has damp hair, or is sweating, it means that you have to take off a layer of their covering, and then check again after a few minutes.

American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) advises parents to share their room with their children during the first six months. It reduces the risks of SIDS and also helps parents to efficiently monitor their baby’s temperature and other sleep activities. However, it is not recommended to have an infant sleep on the same bed with his or her parents; just move the crib closer to the parents’ bed.

Air can also circulate properly in front of your baby’s face if you allow them to sleep on their back, which improves respiration and also decreases the chances of SIDS.

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