18 Month Sleep Regression – Learn How To Stabilize Your Toddler’s Sleeping Schedule

Sleep Regression
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Your child has grown from a cute, squishy baby to an acute, active toddler. They’re full of character and maintain daily enjoyment.

Unexpectedly, however, your child is 18 months old and it feels like these days are endless as your sweet angel only will not head to sleep. (A feeling difficult to link to, as you would give anything to curl up in a nice warm bed…)

Your child may be experiencing the 18 Month Sleep Regression.

What is sleeping regression?

A sleeping regression is a time when an infant or toddler that has been sleeping nicely abruptly starts waking, being hard to repay, and skipping naps. To discover when and sleep regressions, generally speaking, happen, read our post here.

toddler at 18 months old

What’s happening with your toddler at 18 months old

Sleep is essential for babies and toddlers since it enables brain growth and growth to take place. In reality, a toddler’s mind is much busier during sleep than it’s during awake times. By a couple of years old, a toddler requires about 12 to 14 hours of sleep every day.3

When toddlers and preschoolers do not have enough sleep early in life, it may have longterm negative effects on their health. Poor sleeping early in life was associated with complications like behavior issues and cognitive deficits.

How many hours of sleep if an 18-month-old get?

In 18 weeks, a child ought to be sleeping about 13 14 hours complete. That is broken up into twenty-five hours of uninterrupted sleep during the night, and 2 to two and a half hours of naps. Many 18-month-olds will be carrying one afternoon nap.

What reasons for 18 Month Sleep Regression?

Your toddler is learning all sorts of new abilities. When it’s drinking out of a cup, with a spoon, helping select actions, her entire world is growing at a fast speed. This may result in increased stress and a need to be near dad or mom.

If your child has not transitioned to one nap or can be in the process of doing this, it might be causing some disturbance.

Teething is another offender a few kids will be getting the two molars and these pointy canines in precisely the exact same moment. Ouch!

When you take a look at each of the options, together with greater freedom, you’re no longer dealing with comfortable sleep regression. You are dealing with just a tiny person who can opt to refuse to sleep soundly. That is appropriate. Some kids will knowingly refuse sleep. It is a management issue. Luckily, this can be temporary.

How long does 18 Month Sleep Regression survive?

It may vary greatly depending upon the youngster, but generally, the most 18 Month Sleep Regression lasts anywhere from two to 6 months.

Before becoming too frightened by the idea of 6 months of restless sleep, then remember that some kids might never encounter it or experience it just for a brief moment.

Like most of the sleep regressions, the 18 Month Sleep Regression is quite private in how much time it sticks around. After a few of the ideas below will help keep it on the shorter side!

Tips to help you cope with 18 Month Sleep Regression

Know this is temporary.

That idea alone can save your sanity as soon as your kid is crying and refusing to glow.

Do everything you can.

In case you’ve got a very independent small one, they are going to check, and that is fine. Just do everything you can to promote them. Ensure you’ve got good snooze routines and bedtime routines set up and adhere to them. Try to stick to a flexible schedule as far as you can. Understand that there will be a few long days and long nights.

Ensure your toddler receives their naps.

Get these naps in any way possible. You might need to require the car, stroller, or run them ragged, but do what you can to make sure your baby is becoming her naps. You will have fewer struggles during pregnancy if your son or daughter is wellrested throughout the day.

Fall back into the Shuffle.

When all else fails, don’t forget the Shuffle. You do not wish to make a new sleeping crutch, which you will have to fix later. This sleeping regression is temporary, and you also desire the sleep difficulties you are experiencing to remain like that.

Communicate with your own sanity.

Bear in mind, part of this is that your toddler is learning how to maintain himself. Make certain you give easy instructions and set boundaries with him to help him feel secure. Infants and toddlers want consistency.

Sleep hints

  • Just take a deep breath! The calmer and more relaxed you are, the calmer and more inclined to sleep your furry friend will probably be.
  • Limit screen time. If you let your toddler view tv, YouTube movies, etc., think about not giving this during the previous hour or two of the day and before rest (s). And definitely avoid displaying anything on display as soon as they’re inside their own crib or toddler mattress.
  • Stick to the principles of their own bedtime routine. You don’t have to get too elaborate. The objective isn’t to make more distractions. And after a method is created, be certain that you use it regularly.
  • Steer clear of huge changes. Now is not the time to begin potty training or testing a brand new big kid bed. Keep it easy until sleep cycles have been reestablished.

When to call a physician

A 2011 research noted that many sleep disturbances among 18 Month Sleep Regression caused environmental factors and clinical behavior. But about 25 to 30% of children and teens don’t have sleep disorders.

If your kid is sleeping less than the recommended 1214 hours each night or is having other symptoms like behavior changes or physical changes, talk to your physician to rule out a sleeping disorder. Make sure to keep all your scheduled well-child visits for your child’s physician can ensure your toddler is growing and growing track.


As you made it throughout your kid’s 18 Month Sleep Regression, have confidence you will make it. Stay consistent with sleep intervals and patterns, and you are going to get back on course with sleep without producing bad habits you are going to need to break.

If nothing else, remember this brief window of time supplies a fantastic excuse to speculate in that elaborate coffeemaker you have had in your wish list!

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