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Lots of people advise that flipping your mattress is a great way to even out the weight and pressure distribution and lengthen the shelf life of your mattress, but Layla Sleep definitely took mattress flipping to a whole new level.

Layla Sleep mattresses are known for having two sides with different firmness levels: a soft side and a firm side. This provides a customizable feel for everyone since you can easily flip your mattress depending on the firmness that you want to have every night. Because of this, every customer is technically getting two beds for the price of one!

Recently, Layla Sleep has created a hybrid mattress with the same interchangeable functionality. While some people would say they are technically the same, pocketed coils will definitely make a difference compared to an all-foam mattress. If you’re interested about what the hybrid version has to offer, read on for our Layla Hybrid mattress review!

Layla Sleep Hybrid Foam Mattress

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The Layla Sleep Hybrid Foam Mattress retains the two-sided feature of the original Layla Sleep Memory Foam.  The soft side has a 4.5 inch of comfortable memory foam that provides a plusher feel, and a thinner 2.5 inch of memory foam on the firm side for better support. Depending on your preferences, you can flip to the soft side for extra comfort and the firm side for improved body support.

The pocketed coils add better durability to the mattress and provide greater support for multilayered memory foam to prevent sagging from repeated use. Another note-worthy feature is that the memory foam conforms to the natural curves of the body as well, reducing the pressure on specific parts of the body that might develop body pain if the mattress was too stiff.

Layla Sleep is known for their copper-infused foams, and for a good reason. Copper is a great conductor of heat, so adding this to a memory foam that can potentially overheat throughout your sleep is a good feature to have. When combined with the pocketed coils, this hybrid mattress provides a cooling effect and prevents uncomfortably sweaty nights from ever happening again. Not only that, but copper prevents the build up of odor and mildew, making sure that your mattress is always fresh and bacteria-free.

Who should choose Layla Sleep Hybrid Foam Mattress?

Those who tend to shift sleeping positions a lot will definitely find the Layla Hybrid Mattress a great mattress to own. With its flippable design, you won’t have any problem with any sleeping position. Most especially, the soft side is made extra plush so side sleepers can sleep peacefully without feeling any pain on their shoulders. Stomach sleepers who need additional support will definitely love the firm side, which maintains a healthy posture without sinking directly to the pocketed coils.

If you’re not exactly sure what kind of firmness you want, this mattress is a safe choice for you. Most mattress brands in the market will be upfront on the firmness of their mattresses. If you’re not sure what the difference is between soft, medium, and firm mattresses, the Layla Hybrid Mattress will let you feel the nuances of these levels of firmness, and you can simply flip the mattress depending on your preferences.

If you’re sharing your bed with a partner, the Layla Hybrid Mattress isolates motion pretty well. With a layer of slow-moving memory foam, any movement is pretty much absorbed so if you tend to toss and turn at night, your partner is less likely to be awakened by your movements.

Lastly, the pocketed coils offer an additional cooling effect so this mattress is an absolute must-have for hot sleepers. Air flows properly and allows your skin to breathe and when combined with a copper-infused foam, you’ll definitely sleep better and wake up feeling refreshed.

Our verdict

Overall, the Layla Sleep Hybrid Mattress is an exceptionally comfortable mattress to have. With better support and breathability due to the addition of pocketed coils, it’s a level higher than the original Layla Sleep Mattress. If you prefer a cooling mattress with better durability, then you should try out this mattress.

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