Protect Your Curly Hair From Breakage Overnight – Here’s How

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How To Sleep With Curly Hair

Having naturally curly hair can be a bit of a nuisance in the morning as you wake up with a tangled bird’s nest on your head. It then becomes a pain to fix, which can take a lot of time as you prepare for the rest of your day.

However, there are ways to keep your hair from becoming an unruly mess during your sleep, so you wake up with hair that won’t give you too much trouble. Here are several ways you can keep your curly locks tame during sleep.

How To Sleep With Curly Hair

You can put up your curly hair in a variety of ways to protect it from being pressed against your pillow, which can result in waking up to a bad hair day. Each application may be better than others, depending on the length and particular curliness of your hair.

These aren’t the only methods available, but these are the top seven methods for sleeping worry-free with curly hair.

Loose Bun

Most people with curly hair tend to sleep with a loose bun on to minimize frizzing. For better results, apply a leave-in conditioner and/or scrunch gel before flipping it over to secure it in a bun. Keep it loose to not stretch the curls out excessively. You can also avoid denting it by doing a twist and tuck with a scrunchie. This method is best if you’re looking to have options in styling it after you wake up.


This method is popular for drying your hair while keeping it from being pulled down by gravity. Apply gel to curls, lay a microfiber towel on top of the flat part, and flip the rest of your hair over the towel. Tie the sides of the towel to secure it. This helps dry it more quickly and keep it set in place.

Two-Strand Twist

One of the unique ways to preserve your curls during sleep is the two-strand twist. This lets you be specific with the parts of your hair you don’t want to get squished. Take a section of hair and divide it in two, then wrap them around each other from root to end. This is great if you’re looking to have tighter curls.


A common method for curly-haired people is to “pineapple” their hair before going to bed. It’s simply pulling your hair up and securing it with a high and loose ponytail. You can use either a scrunchie or a piece of fabric to do this, securing it loosely to not make a dent on your hair.


If you’re not averse to tedious methods to protect your curls during bedtime, braiding your hair can be a fantastic technique to use. A French braid is one loose braid that keeps all of your hair in place, while mini braids can accentuate curls.

If you wish to maintain your natural curls, then keep them in loose braids. If you want tighter curls, you can tighten the braids.

A French braid can be done by dividing your hair into 6 to 8 sections, then do regular braids in each, then braiding them all together.

Either way, braiding can keep your hair together during sleep and looks good even during the day. You may even want to keep it if it still looks good the morning after. It can help stretch the hair and make it look more fabulous.

Sleep on a Satin Pillowcase or Bonnet

This can be a supplement to another one of the methods mentioned here. A satin pillowcase or bonnet reduces friction on hair, thus letting it slide across the pillow without getting dented or squished as much. This allows for the hair to remain in desired shape during sleep. Some people like doubling it by having both a satin pillowcase and wearing a satin bonnet for maximum protection.

T-Shirt Turban

This is for those who aren’t satisfied with the pineapple method. This is especially good for short hair as it can keep it from getting flattened during sleep. The t-shirt turban method is easy to perform and maintain throughout the night, and all you need is a spare t-shirt.

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